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I Love Cycling Hawaiian Shirt

I Love Cycling Hawaiian Shirt
I Love Cycling Hawaiian Shirt

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The I Love Cycling Hawaiian shirt is a unisex shirt that is fully sublimated with the colors of the cycling jersey. Originally designed to mark your cycling shirt as your own in order to distinguish it from others, it has become more of a tribute to cyclists, who have informed their artistic style.Mark provided size, color, and style information in the proceeds to his introductory paragraph.Product details:The color of this shirt changes to HOT PINK when it gets wet. The poly-cotton material is cool and breathable, perfect for long rides () The embroidered design will never wash away – so it’s a reminder every day of how great biking can be (). Machine wash in cold water and tumble dry on low heat. Do not bleach or iron the designs).


This What I Love Cycling Hawaiian Shirt is amazing for both cycling and a beach night out in the sun. Soft, stretchy material and high quality print results in a shirt that lives up to my expectations from buying Columbia products before. I’m 5’7 and ordered the size large so when i cycle it is over my knees making sure you stay covered up to your stomach. And when i am sitting on the back of someone’s bike it slides down under my butt so it dosen’t drag on the ground or get caught on anything at all.

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I love cycling, because it’s one of the best ways I know to enjoy life. Practically the only thing worse than riding in a downpour is riding with a headpiece. Riding is like music, it cannot be put into words what goes through you while you are living in the moment.My morning routine consists of drinking coffee and writing with my favorite cycling Hawaiian shirt on, just before I take my bike out for a spin. One thing I always love about the ritual is that it both helps you pour your thoughts out into words and excites you for a new day.For lyp syncing, please visit:

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I Love Cycling Hawaiian Shirt
I Love Cycling Hawaiian Shirt

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From: Haotees

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