Great Artwork! Louis Vuitton Paris x Air Jordan 13 Shoes POD Design

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Louis Vuitton Paris x Air Jordan 13 Shoes POD Design

Louis Vuitton Paris x Air Jordan 13 Shoes POD Design
Louis Vuitton Paris x Air Jordan 13 Shoes POD Design

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Vuitton teamed up with Nike to make an exclusive release of Air Jordan 13 Shoes for Paris.In the collaborative collection celebrating Louis Vuitton’s 100th Anniversary, designers used this POD system to customize shoes on the fly and you could recreate them in stores. Not only does that independent release serve as a representation of their debut partnership, it also sparks some creative fire for Michael Jordan fans who had been waiting for new styling from both brands to ignite a new trend.These are normal, every day Air Jordan 13 kicks that were treated to a pair of Louis Vuitton Paris Nike X design.The Air Jordan 13 shoes are designed uniquely by the luxury industry giant, Louis Vuitton Paris to go with Nike’s Flyknit Vapor Max design. The two brands collaborated on this occasion with some military industrial boots and rag bottoms on the sneakers and leather washes (patterns) from the iconic LV lines.

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Brief introduction is given. This paper of Louis Vuitton Paris x Air Jordan shoes chooses the case study of Nike POD Design and Air Jordan 13 shoes classic version to analyse how to order, how does it generate revenue for both companies and evaluate their collaboration. After the deep discussion, it concluds that Louis Vuitton x Air Jordan 13 sneakers incorporated LV style elements into basketball shoes, combined with modern street elements such as zink part, all of which showing Nike’s spirit to design special products together.The Paris x Air Jordan 13 retails for $225 and will be available on and select Jordan Brand retail stores.In a statement, its creator, Virgil Abloh—who is both menswear designer of the brand Off-White and creative director of Nike’s basketball branch—had this to say about the footwear release: “My goal was to update it by raising the sneaker’s luxury status – with high res leathers, recyclable materials, a new sole that adjusts to wearers weight so it has good balance…creating something people associate with any level at any age.”The Challenge With its elegant design of intertwining royal blue and emerald green colorway laced up entirely in metallic gold satin on the sock wrap

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This might be one of the most lavish shoe collaborations to come since Segal’s Ferrare x Cognac Shoes. Basically, the Louis Vuitton team took inspiration from Jordan 13 line (they come in a classic red, off-white and black), then put in touches of LV-like rose and burgundy colors. There are also small monograms on the laces, lining and traction pattern. It’s a subtle design.

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The Air Jordan 13 shoes x Louis Vuitton Shoes would easily be one of the most sought after collaborations in premium sports wear.The Air Jordan 13 x Louis Vuitton Paris reveal video opened in a museum, while we see empty Louis Vuitton pop-up stores and a young person playing tourist to this otherworldly city. The designer Virgil Abloh showcases the luxurious collaboration which layered high fashion, nostalgic sneakers and children’s play with this tongue-in-cheek mockery. In his newest video, he seems to be insinuating that designers are past their prime when they reach that traditional middle age, where they slow down and aspire only to parlormaids and lawyers…..


We truly appreciate the high-quality work Louis Vuitton’s Creative Director Virgil Abloh has produced. This specimen of shoes with great workmanship caught our attention because they combined the intricate design of the logo and its French brand with a special technique using air Jordan’s 13.The Air Jordan 13 shoes have been long anticipated to bring back old memories and maintaining the trend of Air Jordan shoes. The amazing design by Louis Vuitton Paris, who is a fashion designer living in Paris and innovator of contemporary luxury goods is one worth waiting for – a powerful partnership of two styles coming together with innovative fashion trends.The most eye-catching part if this shoe is, that it incorporates exquisitely designed LV pattern in a 3D manner on both sides of the shoe with details like stitching, leather patches and so on. With MJ’s limited words on extreme side “I feel it everywhere” embossed all over coupled with Nike-LOT’s ‘Paris’ written on heel cap and replete with LV logo design, this shoe seems more like art rather than

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Please buy gift Louis Vuitton Paris x Air Jordan 13 Shoes POD Design. Back a few years ago, big announcement 《louis vuitton paris x air jordan 13 shoes》POD design has created a lot of attention. Today we can say the Air Jordan 13 RETRO Black/Anthracite being very well sold on the many television network CCTV sports program of film and video clips, emphasizing to make this shoe life unparalleled! This is not because of “Air Jordan” logo more than before in the past, but for its excellent aesthetic combination of current famous designer’s interpretation style.

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Louis Vuitton Paris x Air Jordan 13 Shoes POD Design
Louis Vuitton Paris x Air Jordan 13 Shoes POD Design

This article will show the detailed for sale of Nike Culture, Nike Jordan Shoes, the sneaker background and legacy.Nike started back in 1963 as Blue Ribbon Sports which was co-founded by University of Oregon track coach Bill Bowerman and University of Oregon athlete Phil Knight. Originally founded as a distributor of Japanese running shoes, the company expanded into shoe design and production in 1974 while retaining its distributor name Troynikes Namkee that continues today.Smoothing around Moncler Arpege Padded Coat With Faux Fur Trim Star Red n sale provides:The linkage between sneakers and luxury clothing is longstanding. With “AirJordan” being a prominent shoe, it will be tough not to notice the brand in cities such as Hong Kong and Taipei. We are able to now see how ubiquitous Nike has come to be, as US shoppers made an average USD 71.4 billion in 2017. For more fashionable persons, I advise looking at selected items that other personalities might have favored in their footwear, like Belgian designer Suzy Menkes.

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